About Bengals

Bengal cats are great animals fun and loving. They really are amazing creatures. They're a cross between a Domestic Feline and an Asian Leopard Cat. The Bengal cat has desirable appearance with gentle cat temperament. The females weigh from 8-12 pounds and the males weigh from 15-20 pounds. This larger breed of cat is not only a loving companion but its extremely intelligent. Most people feel they have a personality more like a dog than a cat because they are very people oriented.

Bengal cats are a wise choice for children with allergies, their sleek, soft, tightly pelted coat seems to hold less allergens. The shed very little due to the fact that they have a pelt of fur. which they inherit from their ancestor the Asian Leopard Cat.

The International Cat Association (T.I.C.A.) recognizes several Bengal colors (brown, seal lynx point, mink, sepa, silver) and patterns (spotted and marbled) for competition.

In 1984 The Domestic Bengal became recognized by the International Cat Association (T.I.C.A.) and was the eligible to be shown. Bengals must be four or more generations removed from their wild, ALC ancestor and have three consecutive generations of Bengal to Bengal breeding in order to be eligible to be shown in T.I.C.A.

F-1   ALC parent X domestic Bengal parent

F-2   F-1 parent X domestic Bengal parent (has an ALC grandparent)

F-3   F-2 parent X domestic Bengal parent ( has an ALC great-grandparent)

F-4   F-3 parent X domestic Bengal parent (has an ALC great-great-grandparent)

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