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May 9, 2024


Desert Storm of Palm Beach Bengals



Riptyde of Palm Beach Bengals

New Litter Born March 6th 2024!

Pink Girl

Palm Beach Bengals
Palm Beach Bengals Palm Beach Bengals

Pink Girl - Video

New Litter Born March 31, 2024!

Mother - Sundancer

Palm Beach Bengals

Green Boy

Palm Beach Bengals

Yellow Girl

Palm Beach Bengals

Mareina - Retired Breeder (Available)

Palm Beach Bengals

This page was last updated on:
May 9, 2024

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We ship within the United States. Shipping is approximately $650.00 for one kitten. This includes the cost of the airfare, the crate, the vet health check, the heath certificate, and the trip to the airport. We can ship two kittens in the same crate for a little more. International flights depend on the location and country requirements.

Deposits / Waiting Lists / Payment

$800 deposit is required to hold a kitten. $1500 deposit is required to hold a breeder. Deposits are non-refundable.

They can be transferred to another comparable kitten at my discretion.
Bengal kittens must be paid in full before you can take them home.

When the kitten is ready to go home you will be notified. If we do not have a kitten available at the time you contact us, feel free to request your name to be added to our waiting list which will hold your place in line to choose a kitten from upcoming litters.

We accept credit card payments via PayPal.

Please send PayPal payments to
and remember to add 3.5% for their fees

A Bengal kitten is one of the most exotic breeds of cat that you will ever come across. The uniqueness of their breed lies within their merged bloodlines giving you an animal like no other. A Bengal is a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. Take a look through the gallery of pictures to see just what these beautiful kittens look like.

You want the pets in your home to be loving and friendly. Bengals are just that and are very loyal to their owners. Do not let the exotic look fool you into thinking they have the temperament of a leopard or cheetah; these felines are very docile and lovable. They are also very good with people who have allergies, as their fur does not hold a lot of allergens.

We have been breeding these distinguished animals for many years and have some of the highest quality Bengal cats you’ll find anywhere. There are, however, different classifications of Bengal cats, so take a look at our ‘about page’ to see exactly what each F category is. Within each classification lies the strength of the bloodline back to another Bengal cat.

These are not your everyday cats that can be found at a pet store. These need to be professionally bred, and you will get nothing but the highest quality experience when you come to Palm Beach Bengals. As a Bengal cat breeder we can offer you some of the most exotic cats for sale in the United States. We usually have Bengal kittens for sale year round. Call us today for any questions on these beautiful Bengal cats.
(561) 371-1816